2024 Rock The Ridge® Policies

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Rock The Ridge is a major fundraiser for Mohonk Preserve. Therefore, you have 24 hours from after your registration is completed to request a full refund (minus any credit card fees). After that time, registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Race deferrals or transfers for any reason, including injury, are not allowed. Consider taking the registration protection plan when you register. To cancel: Contact rocktheridge@mohonkpreserve.org. All cancellations will be acknowledged via email.

    • Cancellations on or before March 1, 2024: $325 fundraising minimum will be removed. Any funds already raised will not be refunded.
    • Cancellations on or after March 2, 2024: $325 fundraising minimum will not be canceled. You are responsible for any remaining balance.
    • Relay Team Member Cancellations
    • Relay Teams of two, three or four participants may find a replacement; however, the replacement must pay the registration fee and commit to the fundraising minimum. Alternatively, the team may remain two or three people with one person doing two or three legs.

Company Matches
Company matches will be counted toward an individual’s fundraising only if they are received prior to race day or packet pick up. Any company matches after race day will be counted toward the event fundraising, not toward an individual’s fundraising. No refunds will be given to a participant who receives a company match after race day. Many companies issue matches quarterly or annually, and many are received many months after race day.

Cup Free Event
Please bring your own handheld water bottle, hydration pack, and/or collapsible cup.

Deferrals and Transfers
No race entry deferrals or transfers are permitted.

Event Cancellation
Mohonk Preserve reserves the right to postpone or cancel the race due to adverse weather or course conditions. Every attempt will be made to reschedule the race in the event of a postponement but if that is not possible and the race cannot be rescheduled, no refunds of registration fees or fundraising will be issued.

All registered participants must agree to the minimum fundraising of $325 in addition to the registration fees. The minimum fundraising applies to each member of a relay team. Contributions may not be transferred from one relay team member to another. All fundraising must be completed prior to race packet pickup. No packets will be released with a fundraising balance due.

We strongly encourage that donations be made directly to your personal fundraising page but understand that this is not always possible. If you collect donations outside of your official fundraising page, such as a check or cash, please contact Tom Leader at rocktheridge@mohonkpreserve.org who can record these external donations to your fundraising page.

Donations may be mailed to: Mohonk Preserve, PO Box 715, New Paltz, NY 12561. Please indicate on the check or with a note that the donation is for your Rock The Ridge fundraising, otherwise we cannot guarantee that it will be applied.

Leave No Trace
All participants must abide by “Leave No Trace” practices. Dispose of all compost, recyclables or trash at an aid station receptacles. Leave what you find. Respect wildlife.

Minors participating in the 50-mile category must be at least 16 years of age. If under the age of 18 minors must have written permission of a parent or guardian to participate.

Relay team participants under the age of 16 may participate with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Non-binary and Transgender Entrants
Our goal is to establish rules to encourage and facilitate the participation of transgender and non-binary runners at Mohonk Preserve events by ensuring fair and inclusive practices that respect the personal rights and dignity of transgender and non-binary entrants. Click here for a helpful resource on what it means to be non-binary.

When registering, participants may choose to select non-binary, male or female as a gender option. A participant’s self-declared gender at registration will be accepted at face value and there shall be no basis for, or tolerance of, a challenge to a participant’s self-declared gender. Engraved finisher awards will be presented in the non-binary category to the top three 50-mile finishers. Relay teams with one or more non-binary participants will be classified as a mixed gender team for award eligibility. There is no formal award presentation at the event. Official race results will be available in real time online and will include the non-binary category. Please contact the race director at rocktheridge@mohonkpreserve.org should you wish to be omitted from the public race results.

The following information is provided to help our transgender entrants during registration.

  • Transgender women should register in the female category provided they have been undergoing continuous, medically supervised hormone treatment for gender transition for at least one year prior to the race, or in the male category with no restrictions.
  • Transgender men can register in the male or female category, unless they are undergoing hormone treatment related to gender transition that includes testosterone or any other banned substance in which case they must register in the male category.

Pacing and Crewing
Pacers are not allowed on the course. Crew teams are allowed. Please use the Rock The Ridge shuttle service.

Protection Plan
Consider taking the registration Protection Plan which will reimburse you registration fees if you are unable to participate due to a qualifying reason. The Protection Plan does not cover the required minimum fundraising which is subject to the cancellation policy rules above and is not administered by Rock The Ridge or Mohonk Preserve.

Due to the fundraising nature of this event, no registration refunds will be issued after the initial 24 hours as stated in the Cancellation/Refund Policy above.

Results Challenge Policy
Race participants may challenge the race results only when a top three finish or top three team finish is at stake. There shall be no basis for any challenge to race results which does not impact top finishers. Rock The Ridge race management will accept challenges made in person or in writing to the Race Director prior to 12 pm on the Sunday following the race date. Please use discretion and respect for fellow athletes and other parties involved. Rock The Ridge race management will review the claim, investigate, and may conduct interviews or ask for documentation if required to make a final determination. The decision of race management is final and cannot be challenged further.

There is no smoking allowed anywhere in Mohonk Preserve, on the course, or in the Start/Finish area.

Many areas of the course are remote and therefore are off-limits to spectators. It’s important for the safety of all participants, volunteers and other Preserve visitors to know where your friends and family can safely gather. Mohonk Preserve is open to visitors during Rock The Ridge so parking will be limited at all trailheads. Day fees apply to all non-member visitors entering the trailheads by car.

Spectators are encouraged to use the complimentary shuttle service. There is no charge to enter the trailhead when using the shuttle.

Aid station food and beverages are for participants only. Spectators may bring their own food. Please carry out any trash.

Strollers and Dogs
Participants: Strollers and dogs are not permitted on course. Spectators: Dogs are allowed on Mohonk Preserve but must be kept on a leash and under the owner’s control at all times. If your dog is aggressive in the presence of other dogs, please leave it at home.

For more information on race policies and procedures, please review the Event Guide.

Banner Photo by Gerald Berliner