2021 Year In Review; 17,000 Members; 300,000 Visitors; 8,000 Volunteer Hours; 8,000 Acres
Photos (top to bottom, left to right): Coxing Kill by Gerald Liddelow; Climber by Andrea MacScott; Nature Walk by Mohonk Preserve Staff; Volunteer Trailhead Ambassador by Gerald Liddelow; Spring on the Ridge by Jolie Parker
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Environmental Education 2021 Year in Review; Public programs restarted as webinars, small in-person groups and asynchronous; Served over 1,500 students and 1,900 adult participants; 155 Staff-Guided Programs and 15 participating Schools; New programs featured Field School for at-home learners, Outdoor Family Experiences and Pop-Ups; Return of City Kids on the Ridge: Modified to integrate art, recreation, conservation and mental health during COVID
Photos (top to bottom, left to right): Red Eft by Lauren Borer; Spotted Turtle at Pop Up Event by Karen Harding; Black Birding event with Ashawna Abbott by Stephen D. Stewart-Hill; Outdoor Education with Kim Tischler by Mohonk Preserve staff; Mushrooms by Bill Bakaitis; City Kids Studying on the Ridge by John Decker
Conservation 2021 Year In Review; 30 Mile of boundary monitored and annual conservation easement monitoring completed; 3,000 herbarium specimens digitized as part of a National Science Foundation grant; 375+ observers have reported 6,000+ observations to our iNaturalist projects; Trail Maps became available on the Avenza Mapp app; Monitored 10 woodland ponds 55 migratory bird arrival times 127 plant observations 327 vegetation plots continuing data records begun by Daniel Smiley in the 1930s.
Photos (top to bottom, left to right): Eastern Bluebird by Carl Mueller; Boundary Monitoring by Amanda Rogers; Herbarium Specimen of Cuscuta gronovii by Paul Huth; Yellow rumped warbler by Karen Maloy Brady; Land Protection staff reviewing trail map by Leonardo Vatkin; Bull Frog by John Mizel
Visitor Experience 2021 Year In Review; 38,000+ Hiking day passes and 7,450 Plus day passes sold; Climbing Instruction Policy updated to include Authorized Not For Profit Organizations; 5 Low-Impact programs provided to the community; Hosted 14 events and 2 large scale film shoots; Patrol Rangers responded to 84 incidents, of which 10 required technical rescue
Photos (top to bottom, left to right): Million Dollar View by. Gerald Berliner; Rescue Training by Frank Tkac; Visitors at an Information Booth by Kate Schoonmaker; Summer House in Winter by Gerald Liddelow; Shawangunk Ridge by Stephen D. Stewart-Hill
Stewardship 2021 Year In Review; Completed Phase 1 of the Foothills Gateway project with the replacement of the Lenape Bridge; Restored Upper Duck Pond Carriage Road; Completed restoration of the Testimonial Gateway Tower
Photos (top to bottom, left to right): Overcliff Carriage Road by Steve Aaron; Lenape Bridge by Chuck Reid; Restored Upper Duck Pond by Chuck Reid; Testimonial Gateway Trailhead by Gerald Berliner
Development & Membership 2021 Year In Review; 18,000+ Members; 290+ Volunteers; 38,000 residents served during Healthy Ulster; 19grant awards totaling $342,482; 5 Successful Fundraising Events with 2,550+ event participants
Photos (top to bottom, left to right): Pin Oak Allee Summerhouse by Maryalice Citera; Climber by Susan Lehrer; Trailhead Ambassadors by John Hayes; Healthy Ulster by Susan Lehrer; Testimonial Gateway by Kate Schoonmaker; Rock The Ridge Runners at the Pin Oak Allee by John Aylward
Financial Highlights 2021 Year In Review: 2021 Public Support & Revenue; 2021 Program Expenses; 2021 Statement of Financial Position
Photo: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly by John Mizel

Mohonk Preserve is grateful to everyone who supports our mission to protect the Shawangunk Mountains region and inspire people to care for, enjoy, and explore their natural world. Their generosity enables us to carry out our important work.

Banner Photo by Gerald Liddelow