Rock The Ridge  |  September 25, 2021

Rock The Ridge is a 50-mile endurance challenge…

Set in the natural beauty of the Shawangunk Mountains of New York’s Hudson Valley, an area described as “one of Earth’s last great places,” the goal is to run or hike a 50-mile course within 18 hours. What better way to spend a day than winding along well-maintained carriage roads, through lush forests and over ridgelines with magnificent vistas.

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Rock The Ridge is a major achievement…

The 18-hour time limit accommodates people with a range of abilities, including hikers, joggers, runners, and ultramarathoners. We’ve hosted elite athletes alongside first-time 50-milers and relay teams that walked the entire distance. Any distance can be a struggle if you don’t prepare properly, but with a good training program, 50 miles is an achievable goal! And, for those who aren’t ready for 50-miles, the Relay division allows Ridge Rockers to complete the course in two-or four-member teams.

Whether you hike, run, or do some of each, Rock The Ridge will be an accomplishment that you’ll remember with pride.

Rock The Ridge supports a great cause…

This event supports Mohonk Preserve’s mission to protect the Shawangunk Mountains region and inspire people to care for, enjoy, and explore their natural world. With over 8,000 acres of mountain ridges, forests, fields, streams, ponds, and other unique and beautiful places, Mohonk Preserve is the largest member and visitor-supported nature preserve in New York State.

Each year, funds raised during Rock The Ridge helps Mohonk Preserve continue to provide:

Conservation Programs

More than fifty years after we began, our goals remain unchanged: we protect the Shawangunk Mountains by conserving key recreation areas, fragile habitats and scenic viewsheds. Working together with you, we’re leaving a conservation legacy that will remain for generations to come, fulfilling our promise of saving the land for life.

In order to protect and perpetuate life on the Preserve’s lands, we use the latest generation of scientific research techniques, and support our research staff, visiting scientists, and interns who monitor the environmental systems of the Shawangunk Ridge as part of our “living laboratory.”

Environmental Education

For over three decades, Mohonk Preserve has been providing outdoor education programs that have gotten over 100,000 children into nature. Our award-winning NatureAccess® program provides quality outdoor education for people of all abilities, our School Field Study and Outreach programs help children discover the wonders of the natural world, and our public programs and events support lifelong learning.

We continue to work on new methods of reaching people in ways that enhance understanding, expand access, and strengthen their commitments to nature in our community, our region, and our world.

Land Stewardship

Mohonk Preserve’s Stewardship team maintains our lands and infrastructure, balancing our commitment to conservation with recreational access, managing over 8,000 acres of property including 70 miles of historic carriage roads and trails, along with five trailheads, the Visitor Center, and more.

The growing impacts of nature, including destructive weather episodes related to climate change, require us to continue to invest in land management capacity to ensure that all of our unique pathways to nature are preserved for you and future generations.

Visitor Experience

The Preserve’s Visitor Experience team focuses on the human dynamic at the Preserve with recreation, safety and support services. With recent increases in visitation, including new audiences, nurturing the experiences members and visitors have at the Preserve is more important than ever.

The Visitor Experience team is committed to maintaining the critical balance between recreation and conservation, while promoting low-impact, Leave-No-Trace principles for all visitors.

For questions about Rock The Ridge, please contact Tom Leader, Special Events Manager at or 845-255-0919 ext. 1241.
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Banner photo by Gerald Berliner; Conservation Programs by Tom Weiner; Environmental Education by John Verner; Land Stewardship by June Archer; Visitor Experience by Chuck Reid