Bringing People and Nature in Harmony

Photo by Stephen D. Stewart-Hill

The Preserve’s Stewardship program is responsible for the planning and management of the Preserve’s land and facilities. Guided by our land management plans, the Stewardship team maintains our lands and infrastructure, balancing the Preserve’s commitment to conservation with recreational access, managing over 8,000 acres of property including 70 miles of historic carriage roads and trails, along with five trailheads, the Visitor Center, and other Preserve buildings, facilities and equipment. The critical work of our Stewardship staff is essential to facilitate access to healthy outdoor activities and conserve the natural environment for future generations.

The growing impacts of nature, including destructive weather episodes related to climate change, and demands of visitors require us to continue to invest in land management capacity to ensure that all of our unique pathways to nature are preserved for you today and future generations tomorrow.

Stewardship at Mohonk Preserve

You can make a difference in protecting the Shawangunk Ridge!

  • Become a member today. Be our partner in preserving the ridge!
  • Volunteer your time and energy to the protection of this magnificent landscape for future generations.
  • Donate. With your help we can safeguard this special place for everyone for generations to come.

Banner photo by John Mizel