Rock The Ridge Isn’t Just for Ultra Marathoners

A team of four relay runners pose with at the finish line of the 2019 Rock The Ridge
Photo by Stephen D. Stewart-Hill

Being part of a relay team is a great way to participate in Rock The Ridge without having to go the full 50 miles. We promise you and your teammates will have the full, rewarding experience of rocking the ridge while helping raise money for a great cause!

Teams are made up of friends, family members, running club members, church groups, co-workers, workout partners, hiking group members and outdoor enthusiasts. Just start asking around and you’ll be amazed at how many people will want to join your team!

What You Need to Know About Relay Teams

The Rockettes Relay team by Kate Schoonmaker
Photo by Kate Schoonmaker
  • The course is broken out into four challenging (but manageable) legs:
    • Leg 1: Testimonial Gateway/Eagle Cliff/Pine Road  13 Miles
    • Leg 2: Pine Road/Skytop/Slingerland Pavilion 13.3 Miles
    • Leg 3: Spring Farm/Old Minnewaska/Lyons Road 12.7 Miles
    • Leg 4: Lyons Road/Overcliff/Testimonial Gateway 10.9 Miles
  • Training is important, even if you are only doing one leg
  • Shuttle buses transport relay team members to the start of their leg and back to the finish line
  • Relay teams share a timing chip and pass it along to the next team member
  • Relay teams may be two, three or four members (most are four, each taking one leg)
  • Only the lead off team member is required to be at the start at 6 am
  • You do not need to determine in advance which team member will do each leg
  • For teams fewer than four, remaining team members must do additional legs
  • If one member does not complete their leg, the remaining team members still receive finisher medals
  • First place relay team finishers in teams of 2 and 3 or 4 will received engraved medals by gender (All male team; All female team; Mixed gender team).
  • Aid stations along the way provide fluids and nourishment
  • You’ll be cheered on along the way by a group of incredible volunteers who will encourage and inspire you to keep going!
  • Team members can greet their leg 4 member at the finish where there’s food, beer and chairs!
  • The team raising the most money cumulatively through fundraising will receive a special prize!

When You Register

  • Each team member must register individually
  • The first team member to register establishes the team name. Some of our past favorites include “Forrest Gunks,” “Legs Miserables,” “Worst Pace Scenario”
  • Team members join the team when each member registers
  • Team members each agree to the minimum fundraising commitment of $325
  • Fundraising deadline is May 1st.
  • Children under 16 years of age must have written parental consent
  • If a relay team member cancels, a replacement may be found; however, the replacement must register and fundraise. Alternatively, a remaining team member may do the additional leg

 Photos by Stephen D. Stewart-Hill and Kate Schoonmaker.


Banner photo by Gerald Berliner