Rock The Ridge® Registration Protection

About Registration Protection:
Learn more about our Registration Protection for Rock The Ridge participants. Have some peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances. By adding registration protection, participants ensure that their registration fees are safeguarded against unexpected, covered events that may occur before the event.


    1. You are registered for Rock The Ridge 2024 on May 4, 2024 as either a 50-Mile or Relay Team participant and you are paid in full as part of the registration process; and
    2. You have selected and paid for the registration option which includes Race Protection.
    3. Registration protection applies to individuals only. Relay team members may only opt to purchase race protection for themselves.

Mohonk Preserve, the “Event Producer”, will reimburse the registration fee for the event minus the credit card processing fees paid provided that a qualifying reason has been met. See below for the full list of qualifying reasons. Additional donations made to a participant’s fundraising during the time of registration are not eligible for reimbursement.

Not Covered:
The fundraising minimum, if owed, is not covered under the Race Protection Plan.

Qualifying Reasons:

    1. Medical Reasons: In case of a participant’s inability to participate in the race due to an illness, medical condition, or injury. A qualified medical professional must provide in writing a statement that you are not able to participate in the event on the stated event date.
    2. Personal Circumstances: The plan also covers personal circumstances such as job-related issues (i.e. the loss of a full-time job), bereavement, jury duty or a major life event. Valid documentation or evidence will be required to support such claims.
    3. You are called to active military duty for a timeframe which includes the event date. Proof of orders must be provided.
    4. Transportation Disruptions: If a registered participant experiences significant travel disruptions, including flight cancellations, severe delays, transportation accidents, or mechanical breakdown preventing them from reaching the race location, the plan will reimburse the registration fee with proper documentation such as a towing receipt, police report, or evidence of a flight delay greater than 12 hours.
    5. Injury or illness of a spouse, domestic partner, or minor child under your care within 12-hours of the event start time.
    6. Permanent relocation of your or your spouse or domestic partner by an employer to a new location which is more than 150 miles from the event. Proof of new residency is required.
    7. The death of your spouse, domestic partner, child, parent or stepparent or sibling within 14 days of the event. Proof of death such as a death certificate is required.

Not Covered:

    1. Attendance at weddings and graduations or other social events which may occur on or prior to event day.
    2. Voluntary issues related to transportation such as the purchase or lease of a new or used vehicle or pick up of a new or vehicle on event day.
    3. Illness or injury which takes place during the event.
    4. Illness of a family member, spouse or domestic partner that does not require immediate medical attention, treatment, or hospitalization.
    5. Reimbursement of any fundraising/donations paid during or after the registration process.
    6. Any self-inflicted injury, sickness, suicide, or attempted suicide.
    7. Any physical limitations brought on by alcohol or substance abuse or the misuse of prescribed medications.
    8. Weather-related natural disasters on or prior to event day.
    9. The voluntary change to personal plans that prevents you from participating in the event.
    10. Your decision to participate in another race or sporting event.
    11. Your decision not to participate in the event.
    12. Fees associated with Registration Protection that have not been paid at the time of registration.
    13. The event is cancelled for any reason including but not limited to acts of terrorism, travel restrictions enacted by local, state or federal government agencies, severe weather.

Claims and Documentation: To file a claim under the Registration Protection Plan, the following steps must be followed:

    1. Notification: The participant must inform the race organizer about their inability to participate in the race as soon as possible, providing relevant details about the circumstances preventing their participation and providing necessary and required documentation.
    2. Supporting Documentation: The participant must gather and submit all required documentation to support their claim, such as medical certificates, official statements, or any other relevant evidence as outlined in the plan.
    3. Claim Submission: The runner should submit the required documentation through the designated submission process provided by the race organize. Send documentation to no later than 30 days after the event date.
    4. Claim Review and Reimbursement: The claim will be reviewed, and if approved, reimbursement of the registration fee minus credit card fees paid will be processed in a timely manner, as per the terms and conditions of the plan.

Note: It is important for runners to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of Registration Protection for participants before registering. Specific conditions, coverage limits, and exclusions apply. The decision to reimburse registered participants is at the sole discretion of the event producer and all decisions are final.

Banner photo by Gerald Berliner