Tonight's (9/10) Stargazing at Spring Farm has been canceled due to weather.


After carefully monitoring the progress of the Peregrine Falcon fledglings at both the Trapps and Millbrook cliffs, we have determined that they are now sufficiently mature and we can fully lift the climbing and bouldering closures. This marks the first successful fledging at the Trapps since 2005, and the second success at the Trapps since breeding Peregrines became extinct in our area in the mid-20th century. Thanks to the climbing community for their support of our conservation mission and patience during the closures, and to the dozens of Peregrine Watch volunteers who have generously donated their time and energy to help protect these endangered birds. 

Registration for the Junior Ranger program is now open! Click here to register!

DUCK POND UPDATE - We have determined that two of the pond's drainage pipes are cracked and their valves are not functioning. We are working with engineers to develop a plan for repairs. While the water level is fluctuating, there is still leakage due to the pipes. Our Conservation Science team is monitoring the pond daily and we are also consulting with DEC and biologists specializing in ponds. Please stay off of the pond surface and, as always, be sure to keep all dogs on leash. We'll post updates here and on our Facebook page.

Accreditation Renewal
As part of our commitment to excellence in land protection, Mohonk Preserve is applying for renewal of accreditation with the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. A public comment period is now open, and the Commission invites public input. For more information, click here.

Banner Photo by Tom Weiner