Trailheads are open daily from sunrise to sunset. The Visitor Center is open year-round, free-of-charge 9am-5pm and is closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve at Noon, and Christmas Day.


The Visitor Center and its immediate grounds are free to the public. To access the land you need to have a current membership or pay a day use fee. Children age 15 and under are free and must be accompanied by an adult. The following day fees apply:

  • $15 for hikers
  • $20 for bikers, climbers, and horseback riders

Please note:  Different fees may apply to schools and groups or for public programs and events.

You can join online now or purchase day passes and memberships at the Visitor Center and other trailheads. 

The face value of your day pass can be applied toward the purchase of a membership. This offer is good for two weeks from the date on your day pass at any trailhead or with a mail in form, not available online. (One day pass per household)

Leave No Trace Proud Partner
Mohonk Preserve is a proud partner of Leave No Trace.
Learn more about the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace here.
Military Discount Policy

Mohonk Preserve is proud to recognize current active-duty military service members with a policy offering complimentary access to our lands on any day and to extend a 50% discount on Basic and Plus Memberships to the Preserve. Service members with current valid active-duty identification may obtain their passes or membership at the Preserve Visitor Center or any staffed trailhead.

We are also pleased to extend the same offer to disabled veterans with appropriate identification, along with a companion.

Visitor Information and Land Use Rules

Parking Lots Fill Early on Peak Weekends
  • On summer and fall weekends, arrive early and consider carpooling. During the busy fall season, visitors may wish to consider alternate travel routes. For a list of options, click here.
  • Preserve members will not be able to park at the Mohonk Mountain House Gatehouse on busy weekends. Consider using the Preserve’s Spring Farm Trailhead instead.
  • Lots full? Don’t expect to park for long on the road: New York State Department of Transportation has posted ½-hour parking limits at the “Scenic Overlook” and “Hairpin Turn” located one mile north of the intersection of Routes 299 and 44/55 in the Town of Gardiner.
  • Solution: Use long-term parking lots at the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center and at the West Trapps parking lot, located ½ mile and 1½ mile respectively from the intersection of Routes 299 and 44/55.
  • To help with parking, traffic in New Paltz, and to lighten your carbon footprint, consider using 511NYRideshare.
Plan Ahead for a Safe and Pleasant Visit
  • Suggested hikes with printable maps are available via this link.
  • Consider the length of your hike and the time you have before the Preserve closes at sunset.
  • Check the weather from our NYS Mesonet station at Spring Farm and dress accordingly.
  • Select a hike at the ability level of your group’s least experienced member.
  • Do your part: Day passes or annual membership are required to access the trails and carriage roads.
  • Mohonk Preserve has adopted Leave No Trace Principles, including the prohibition and removal of anything, living or non-living. Inclusive to this is the prohibition of any collection activities and/or foraging on the property as outlined in Mohonk Preserve’s Ranger Manual. Allowances may be applied for staff-guided Mohonk Preserve programs.
  • Keep this a safe and quiet haven: No glass, radios, or fires.
  • Mohonk Preserve prohibits the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, quadcopters, radio-controlled model airplanes and/ or any other equipment of this type, on or above its property unless such use is approved through our permit application process. Please see our Drone Policy for more information.
  • Mohonk Preserve prohibits smoking of any kind anywhere on Preserve property.
  • Help Keep Bears Wild! We have recently seen an increase in bear sightings around the Preserve, it is important to remember to please treat bears and other wildlife with respect and caution, and help keep wildlife wild. Bears that lose their natural fear of humans may have to be destroyed.
    • “A fed bear is a dead bear!” Do NOT feed bears. A wild bear prefers natural food and steers clear of people. However, bears are attracted to a number of potential food sources and will quickly develop a habit of seeking them out.
    • Make your presence known. Talk, sing, clap hands, or call out to alert bears to your presence.
    • Do NOT try to interact with an animal by offering food or approaching it. Allow the animal to go about its regular routine undisturbed.
    • Stay with your gear. Do NOT leave packs, food, or beverages unattended.
    • If you have seen a bear around Mohonk Preserve, please click here to submit a bear sighting report to help our Conservation Science and Stewardship departments better understand bear activity on the Preserve.
Pets are welcome to accompany you, but in keeping with our policies and New York State law, they must be on a leash and under your control at all times.
  • Leashes protect pets from becoming lost and from wilderness hazards such as porcupines, bears, poisonous snakes, or sick, injured, or rabid animals.
  • Off-leash pets often harass, injure, and sometimes kill wildlife.
  • Unleashed pets may also intimidate other visitors and their pets, depriving them of the peace nature provides.
  • Tying a pet up at the bottom of a cliff while rock climbing does not constitute “under your control.” Please consider leaving your pet at home while you climb or boulder.
  • A leashed-pet’s keen senses can enhance your awareness of nearby wildlife or visitors.
  • Pets are not allowed on the grounds of the neighboring Mohonk Mountain House, on Preserve carriage roads during cross-country ski season, or in any Preserve ponds or streams.
  • Please remove pet waste from the trail and carriage roads, which helps ensure a more pleasant experience for visitors and keep streams and other water systems clean.
  • Failure to leash your pet may result in a citation, impoundment, or revocation of Preserve use privileges.
Mohonk Preserve Policy on the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems/Drones

Mohonk Preserve prohibits the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, quadcopters, radio-controlled model airplanes and/ or any other equipment of this type, on or above its property unless such use is approved through our permit application process. This policy supports our commitment to the protection of all wildlife (specifically in this context, birds of all species), and the safety and well-being of our visitors, as well as the quality of their personal experiences in nature. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, any and all use of drones for purposes such as aerial photography, videography and entertainment/recreational use.

Mohonk Preserve will accept applications for the operation of unmanned aerial systems for purposes such as conservation management, scientific research, mapping, authorized photo/film shoots, or other Preserve-related projects only. Applicants must carry general liability insurance coverage as specified on the application form. All applicants must operate their equipment in compliance with all federal, state and local statutes, regulations and ordinances governing the use of UAS and will provide documentation of such compliance to Mohonk Preserve upon request.

All drones weighing more than 0.55 pound but less than 55 pounds are required to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. Click here to read the FAQs on the FAA registration website.

Permit Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If approved, Mohonk Preserve will issue a limited permit for the use of unmanned aerial systems for the specific project and time period for which the application was submitted.

Click here for the Mohonk Preserve permit application (including a listing of Standard and Special Conditions for UAS Operations). The completed form shall be returned to: Jon Ross, Associate Director of Visitor Experience, at jross@mohonkpreserve.org.

Film Location Information

With over 8,000 acres of mountain cliffs, forests, fields and streams, along with sweeping iconic vistas, Mohonk Preserve has served as a location for numerous feature films, television programs, videos and commercials. Experienced staff are available for scouting and logistical support. For information about location opportunities, fees and requirements, contact Associate Director of Visitor Experience Jon Ross at jross@mohonkpreserve.org.

Wedding and Other Group or Commercial Photography or Videography

Wedding and other group or commercial photography is permitted in designated areas only and requires advance notification and permission. For information about location options, fees and requirements, contact Associate Director of Visitor Experience Jon Ross at jross@mohonkpreserve.org.

Membership Makes Memories!

Mohonk Preserve members enjoy many wonderful benefits including 365 days of access to Preserve trails and carriage roads, a 10% discount in the Nature Shop, and admission and/or discounts at a select group of ANCA-affiliated nature centers.

Mohonk Preserve members are an essential part of our mission and we deeply appreciate your support! 

Banner Photo by June Archer