The Research Associate Program makes it possible for scientists from around the country to use the “living laboratory” of Mohonk Preserve lands and its long-term natural and cultural history records. Research Associates include college and university faculty and qualified individuals from research institutions.

Hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students have conducted a wide variety of research projects. In addition, dozens of faculty and hundreds of students a year from area colleges and universities use Preserve lands for class visits and faculty and student research. A premier field study site, the Preserve enables researchers to:

  • Access over a century of weather records and over 80 years of natural and cultural history data.
  • Consult with the Preserve’s Conservation Science staff, who can provide information or suggest field study sites.
  • Benefit from a diverse and complex study site with a wide range of natural and cultural history features.
  • Affiliate with an organization with field-tested research findings that inform land management and environmental education work.

How to Apply.

View a list of current Research Associates.

View a list of Daniel Smiley Research Center publications.

For more information about Mohonk Preserve’s  Research Associates Program, contact: 

Megan Napoli
Research Ecologist
845-255-0910 x1270

Banner photo by Carol Rietsma