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Horseback Ride


  • Trailer parking is currently available at the Spring Farm Trailhead. Spring Farm Trailhead is open daily from 7 a.m. to sunset. for members and from 9 a.m. to sunset for day use visitors.
  • A Trailhead Assistant will be available to assist you with accessing the gated barn area.
  • The Preserve has been experiencing increased visitation, especially on weekends. Consider weekday visits for less-crowded conditions.
  • Also, due to increased visitation, consider alternative routes with less pedestrian and cyclist traffic.
  • For updates on trailer parking availability, please check with the Visitor Center at 845-255-0919. Updates will also be posted to the Preserve’s website (

Why Ride at the Preserve?

Bring your horse and enjoy cool, forested trails and sweeping views from open fields down to the valley below. Riding along our 19th-century carriage roads, you’ll feel you’ve stepped back in time... and into nature. Wider than most horseback riding trails elsewhere, our carriage roads have less foot traffic – and no cars (except for the occasional ranger truck).

Is there a fee?

Yes. You can join online now, or you can buy a day pass or membership at a trailhead or at the Visitor Center.

Can I rent a horse at the Preserve?

No. To ride on the Preserve, you must bring your own horse. 

Where can I bring my horse trailer onto the Preserve?

Parking is available at the Preserve’s Spring Farm Trailhead.

Where can I ride?

To plan your ride, please pick up a copy of Shawangunk Horse Trails, our brochure and trail map. Riding is on carriage roads only and the trail map indicates areas where riding is not allowed.

Please note:

  • Helmets are required.
  • An adult must accompany children who are riding.
  • Observe all No Horseback Riding signs.
  • Control your horse and always yield the road to pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Ride at your own risk. Carriage roads are not maintained specifically for horses or carriages and may contain potholes and other impediments.

Horseback riding isn’t allowed when trails are open for skiing or snowshoeing. Please call the office at (845) 255-0919 to find out if the Preserve is open for horseback riding on particular winter days.

How can I help make sure the Preserve's carriage roads stay open to riders?

  • Help minimize erosion and damage to vegetation by riding only on designated carriage roads.
  • Keep your horse out of sensitive areas, such as ponds and wetlands.
  • Become a member today. Your continuing membership support will help keep this an affordable and memorable place to ride.
  • Volunteer for carriage road maintenance and other projects that ensure visitor access.
  • Donate to the Thom Scheuer Memorial Fund for Land Stewardship, which helps build and maintain visitor facilities, including trailhead parking areas for horse trailers and carriage roads for riders.

Banner photo by June Archer