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Low-Impact Rock-Climbing Guidelines

Photo: Climber on Cascading Crystal Kaleidoscope (CCK) (5.8)
by Christian Fracchia

Protect Nature

  • Use Designated Rappel Routes & Trails
    • Avoid soil compaction – it is harmful to trees and plants
    • Do not trample the vegetation
    • Use durable surfaces (e.g. exposed rock) when possible

    Using Trees as Anchors is Prohibited
    • Friction from webbing and ropes can cause irreparable damage to a tree’s health

    Respect Closures
    • Endangered Peregrine falcon closures
    • Roped-off restoration or other work areas

    Carry Out Food Waste
    • Limit impact to wildlife & soil biology – your food waste is not part of this ecosystem
    • Please compost food waste at home or at an authorized facility

Photo: Anchor on Baby (5.6) by Christian Fracchia

Observe Mohonk Preserve Rules

  • Follow Leave No Trace Practices
    • Pack out all trash. Glass is prohibited on Mohonk Preserve lands
    • Pack out all feces and toilet paper (including dog feces)
    • Camping and campfires are prohibited (camping is available at the nearby Samuel F. Pryor III Shawangunk Gateway Campground –

    Keep Unnecessary Noise to a Minimum
    • Portable speakers and amplified music are prohibited
    • Keep yelling to a minimum

    Control Dogs
    • Leashes are required at all times
    • Do not leave dogs unattended
    • Tying your dog to a tree while you’re on a multi-pitch route is not acceptable

Above : On Belay at the Uberfall by Susan Lehrer
Below : Alex Honnold on Andrew Boulder (V4) photo by Jesse Carano

  • Smoking is Prohibited on All Mohonk Preserve Lands
    • This helps prevent forest fires

    Keep Trails & Carriage Roads Clear
    • Keep your possessions off the carriage roads & trails so that others may pass
    • When bouldering pads are not in use, please move them off of the carriage roads
    • When there is an emergency, be aware ranger vehicles will need to pass quickly

    Alterations to the Environment are Prohibited
    • Chipping holds, placing new pitons or bolts, rock trundling, & dry-tooling are prohibited
    • Do not remove anything from the Mohonk Preserve that was a natural part of the environment. This includes rocks, trees, plants, animals, etc.
    • Leave the land and habitats the way you find them – do not
    build with natural materials or deface any of the landscape
    through graffiti, carving, cairns, etc.

Above: Lynn McGrew on Moby Dick (5.8) by Christian Fracchia