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What Type of Mountain Biking is Available at the Mohonk Preserve?

  • Access to over 80 miles of carriage roads in the Gunks, including 30 miles on the Preserve, with linkages to the bike routes of the adjacent Minnewaska State Park Preserve and the Mohonk Mountain House resort.
  • Incomparable & varied scenery ranging from cliff-top views to open meadows.
  • Varied topography to meet the needs of novice and experienced bikers. Because of the sudden elevations in the Gunks, many of the bike routes will test your endurance and strength. A great place to train.

Is there a fee?

Yes. You can join online now, or you can buy a day pass or membership at the Visitor Center, at one of the trailheads, or from a ranger in the field.

Are there rules and guidelines?

Yes, just a few...

  • There is no technical singletrack on the three major properties. All mountain bike riding is restricted to designated bike routes, which encompass most of the carriage roads on the ridge.
  • A Preserve day permit will allow you to bike (not drive) onto all three properties; paying the Minnewaska parking fee only gives you access to Minnewaska.
  • Day visitors biking onto Mohonk Mountain House property must purchase a day permit from the Preserve and sign a waiver, and may not park at the Mountain House Gatehouse.
  • Helmets are always required.
  • Maximum speed is 15 mph.
  • Mountain bike riders are expected to understand and comply with the Rules of the Trail of the International Mountain Bicycling Association.
    • Ride on open carriage roads only (designated bike routes).
    • Leave no trace - no litter, no skid marks.
    • Control your bike.
    • Always yield to pedestrians and horseback riders, who have the right of way.
    • Never scare animals.
    • Plan ahead - know your equipment, your ability, and the area in which you are riding.

Is snow biking allowed?

Snow biking is permitted at Mohonk Preserve on designated bicycle trails only. Please help us in creating a respectful and cooperative experience for all users by abiding by our biking rules and guidelines and:

  • Only ride designated Bike trails. Bike maps are available at all trailheads.
  • Helmets are required for all riders.
  • Do not ride in the classic ski tracks, give skiers a wide berth, ride single file.
  • Riding is only permitted when temperatures are below 25 degrees F for the duration of planned ride.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport—stay polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules.
  • Purpose built Snow Bikes only! Tires must be wider than 3.5″ and tire pressure must be less than 10 psi.
  • Bikes yield to all other users. Cross-country Skiers don’t have brakes, so bikes are responsible for staying out of their way.
  • Be a good trail citizen. If the conditions cause you to leave ruts (deeper than 1 inch) that will impede skiing, leave the trail.
  • For our members and visitors who are cycling on-road in New Paltz, please refer to the Rules of the Road from the New Paltz Bike/Pedestrian Committee.

How can I help make sure that these bike routes are here for years to come?

Please share with us the responsibility for keeping this a beautiful and peaceful place.

Banner photo by June Archer