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Run Policies


We encourage participants to help Mohonk Preserve’s sustainability initiatives by bringing your own cups.

Deferrals and Transfers
No race entry deferrals or transfers are permitted. Mohonk Preserve reserves the right to postpone the race due to adverse weather or course conditions. Every attempt will be made to reschedule the race in the event of a postponement but if that is not possible and the race cannot be rescheduled, no refunds of registration fees will be issued.

Minors under the age of eighteen must have written permission of a parent or guardian to participate. The parent or guardian must sign the event waiver on behalf of the minor.

Non-binary and Transgender Entrants
Our goal is to establish rules to encourage and facilitate the participation of transgender and non-binary runners at Mohonk Preserve events by ensuring fair and inclusive practices that respect the personal rights and dignity of transgender and non-binary entrants.

When registering, participants may choose to select non-binary, male or female as a gender option. A participant’s self-declared gender at registration will be accepted at face value and there shall be no basis for, or tolerance of, a challenge to a participant’s self-declared gender. Awards in will be presented to the top three non-binary finishers in a public ceremony at the conclusion of the race. Official race results will be printed at the event and be made available publicly both at the event and online after the event. Should you not wish to be named, please contact the race director at in advance of event day.

The following information is provided to help our transgender entrants during registration.

  • Transgender women should register in the female category provided they have been undergoing continuous, medically supervised hormone treatment for gender transition for at least one year prior to the race, or in the male category with no restrictions.
  • Transgender men can register in the male or female category, unless they are undergoing hormone treatment related to gender transition that includes testosterone or any other banned substance in which case they must register in the male category.

Due to the fundraising nature of this event no refunds will be issued.

Free entry to the Spring Farm Trailhead for race spectators arriving with registered participants. Non-member spectators arriving independently are required to show a valid Preserve membership or pay the day pass fee of $15 per person. Children 15 and under are always free with a parent or guardian.

Stroller and Dogs
Strollers and dogs are not permitted on course. Dogs are allowed at the start/finish line only and must be kept on a leash and under the owner’s control at all times.

Please contact Tom Leader, Special Events Manager, if you have any questions regarding event policies.


Banner photo by Jolie Parker