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Virtual Programs

iNaturalist: The Citizen Scientist’s Best Friend

Mohonk Preserve staff have long been documenting natural history observations on the Shawangunk Ridge, with an emphasis on recording phenology (the timing of nature’s life cycles like spring bird arrivals and first blooms). Methods of preserving these records have changed over time, from files of index cards to internal databases. Now we’ve taken the next step to record observations through iNaturalist, an online app and data portal where you can identify species and share findings with researchers globally. Learn how you can help Conservation staff keep track of what’s happening on the Ridge using iNaturalist as a tool to engage with wildlife every day.

Morels Webinar with Bill Bakaitis

Morels are one of the most sought after of the edible fungi. During the recording of this illustrated webinar, Bill Bakaitis covers not only the seasonality and habitat of morels, but also their life cycles, field identification of species, and toxicity.

A Century of Natural History Observations Webinar

In this presentation, Mohonk Preserve’s Conservation staff share the legacy of Dan Smiley, his extensive notecard collection, and the importance of ensuring it survives for generations to come. Through our digitization efforts, we are working to bring this collection out of the archives and into the hands of the public, creating a valuable resource for scientists, students and researchers everywhere. With over a year of work already, the Preserve welcomes you to consider helping with the final push!

Enhancing Visitor Experience Through Wayfinding Webinar

Join Mohonk Preserve Land Protection and GIS Manager Ed Pestone and Deputy Chief Ranger Dan Cassidy for a webinar focusing on wayfinding. Drawing from the Preserve’s experience in overhauling their trail map and wayfinding signage, this session covers the basics of wayfinding as well as the planning, considerations and compromises that go into the process of implementing a wayfinding system for visitors with a wide range of experience and interests.

DIY Forest Bathing with Jane | Webinar

Enjoy this webinar with Jane Dobson, Mindful Nature Guide, to explore tips for developing your own Forest Bathing practice at home or locally. With COVID still a daily reality, we cannot gather to explore our nature connection together, yet, we need nature's gifts of healing, resilience and connection more than ever. We’ll share thoughts on nature connection and things you can individually do to deepen your connection with the more-than-human world.

"Groundhog: Mammalian Meteorologist" Virtual Program

We hope you enjoy the recording of this virtual presentation for children ages 5 to 7. It’s Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil has made his weather prediction! Do groundhogs really know when spring will arrive? What do shadows have to do with the seasons? During this hour-long program, we will explore what makes this mammal unique, how groundhogs spend their winters, and learn a bit about the folklore of Groundhog Day.

Check out these activities after the program:
Shadow Drawing
Sun Prints

Restoring the American Chestnut Webinar

We hope you enjoy the recording of this virtual presentation with SUNY-ESF graduate Hannah Pilkey and Gail Whistance, Mohonk Preserve Research Associate, about their research in the restoration of the American Chestnut. The American chestnut tree was once an iconic keystone species in our Eastern forests, until the arrival of a devastating invasive pathogen in the early 1900s. A major milestone in the restoration effort was achieved by researchers at the SUNY-ESF with the development of a blight-tolerant American chestnut tree through genetic engineering. This webinar features information on the chestnut restoration efforts and how you can get involved in its revival back to our forests.

Ecological Importance of Fungi Webinar Recording

We hope you enjoy the recording of this virtual presentation with Bill Bakaitis, Dutchess Community College (retired) on the ecological functions of fungi. This interactive, illustrated lecture examines the role that mushrooms and other fungi play in the ecosystem, from decomposers to symbiotic partnerships, to carbon dioxide regulation and climate change.

Introductory Mycology for the Curious Naturalist

We hope you enjoy the recording of this virtual presentation with Bill Bakaitis, Professor Emeritus from Dutchess Community College, on mushrooms and fungi. You will learn the biology of mushrooms, the lifecycles of fungi, and common mushrooms that can be found in the Hudson Valley of New York State.


Banner Photo by Jolie Parker