Winter Birding

Spend a morning observing birds that brave the winter conditions of the Hudson Valley. Learn a few tips for spotting birds, identifying them from field markings, and birding by ear. You will be introduced to a few helpful identification and community science apps. Bring binoculars or borrow one of ours (supplies are limited)! This is […]

Transforming the Outdoors for Diversity and Inclusion Webinar

Join Mohonk Preserve’s Education Outreach Coordinator, Ashawna Abbott, in a special Black History Month webinar addressing the need for greater diversity and inclusion in outdoor spaces. Learn about America’s troubled past with exclusion, current progress brought on by integral activists and organizations, and ways that we can all help continue the fight for true inclusion […]

Fungi of Our Winter Woods Webinar

Join Bill Bakaitis for an illustrated evening webinar highlighting some of the more common wintertime fungi. Among them some are edible, some deadly, and many are simply interesting and beautiful to behold. This is another program in basic mycology for the curious naturalist with an emphasis on field identification. This is a free online program. Registration is required to receive your link […]

Great Backyard Bird Count

Take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count as a community scientist through the National Audubon Society and Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We will use apps like Merlin Bird ID and ebird to submit our data. Each checklist submitted during the event helps researchers learn more about how birds are doing and how to protect them and the […]

Frosty Fungi of the Forest Hike

Get on the land with Bill Bakaitis to search for persistent annual or perennial mushroom structures remaining in the winter woods. While there will be no collecting of mushrooms during the hike, there will be plenty of learning and field identification! Come dressed for the weather in warm, sturdy boots. This is a free program for ages […]

Tracks & Scat Family Hike

Hoppers, walkers, bounders, waddlers... learn how to identify animal tracks based on print, shape, location and movement. What stories can be told as we follow the tracks? Come dressed for the weather as we look for tracks in the snow and mud along the trails and in the woods. We will look for other signs of wildlife as well – […]