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Our Partners in Conservation

It takes more than one preserve to protect a mountain ridge that stretches 50 miles from southeastern New York to the New Jersey state line. To meet this challenge, the Preserve plays an active role coalitions and partnerships committed to protecting beautiful and unique places, wildlife, clean air and water, and outdoor recreation.

The Preserve is a central research site for the Shawangunk Ridge Biodiversity Partnership, which brings together public and private land conservation organizations dedicated to protecting the variety of life across the region. Partners work together to generate the research and support necessary to protect the land and to provide environmental education and information to the public. Learn more about the Partnership in its general brochure.

Through its participation in the Shawangunk Ridge Coalition, the Preserve helps increase public awareness of development that could permanently alter the region and its environment. Working with local residents, municipal officials, and policymakers, the Coalition builds support for the long-term protection of the ridge.

Over a half-million visitors come to the ridge every year to hike, bike, climb, and enjoy the quiet beauty of this rugged landscape. That's why the Preserve assisted in the creation of the Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway, which connects 11 local municipalities and major tourism destinations around the Ridge with an 82-mile loop of roads. The byway helps direct tourists to visit area businesses and other destinations, showcasing all that natural areas have to offer and supporting local economies.

Banner photo by Christy Belardo