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Land Protection

Protecting Our Heritage

At Mohonk Preserve, we're committed to keeping the promise of permanent land protection. With help from our members and supporters, we do this through adhering to strict quality standards for nonprofit management and land conservation, and with professional staff and volunteers who are dedicated to upholding and advancing the Preserve’s land ethic in perpetuity.

Our land protection work is multi-faceted and involves keeping relationships with landowners and local communities strong, monitoring land protection agreements, and conducting scientific research and applied management techniques to ensure the sustained quality of natural habitats.

Today, we continue to protect the land needed for quality natural communities and habitats, and public recreational and restorative space. Working together with you, we’re leaving a conservation legacy that will remain for generations to come.

You Can Help Protect the Ridge!

  • Become a member today and help protect the land.
  • Donate to the Land Acquisition fund through gifts that are fully deductible to the extent permitted by law and can be tailored to meet your own financial and estate planning needs.
  • Protect your land through a conservation easement or land transaction.
  • Care for nature in your own backyard. By landscaping with native plants, conserving wetlands, and reducing the use of garden and lawn chemicals, you can provide homes for birds and other wildlife and reduce pollution.


Banner photo by Christy Belardo