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Remotely-Delivered Outreach Programs

Remotely-Delivered Programs with the Preserve

Our unique outreach programs engage learners through active, inquiry-driven lessons that build positive outdoor-inspired experiences which support healthful living and foster an appreciation of the natural world. All programs are led by professional educators and are aligned to Common Core, NYS Learning and Next Generation Science Standards and can be tailored to your needs.

Scheduling a Remotely-Delivered Program

Outreach programs are offered from November to April on weekdays only. Scheduling operates on a first-come, first-served basis. To schedule an outreach program, contact Lauren Borer, Education Outreach Coordinator, 845-255-0919 ext. 1239

Remotely-Delivered Program Descriptions

  • Remotely-Delivered Pond Keepers
    Remotely-Delivered Pond Keepers

    Students in grades K-5 can now experience our Pond Keepers program virtually through both synchronous and asynchronous learning! This remote program will features a live session to introduce students to the pond with a Mohonk Preserve Educator. Then, over the course of two weeks, students access videos and view a pond as it is created in the aquarium. They’ll meet pond creatures, and watch as they move, breathe, and defend themselves. Students will also have activities to work on to support their video learning. At the end of the two weeks, they again have a live, interactive session with the Preserve Educator to share what they have learned. This program will use Zoom (or your school’s synchronous platform), Padlet, and Edpuzzle to engage with students.

  • Hudson Valley Climate and Species Change
    Hudson Valley Climate and Species Change

    Students in grades 5 - 12 can now participate in the Hudson Valley Species and Climate Change program virtually through both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students will be introduced to historic weather datasets at Mohonk Preserve’s Daniel Smiley Research Center through videos and activities including graphing and analyzing data. Then through interactive activities and instructional videos students explore phenology, collect local weather data, and conduct research on a local indicator species. High school students have the option of analyzing Mohonk Lake ice coverage data and water quality. Optional extension activities are available for teachers to get their students outside collecting data at home. Students will be introduced to the program during a live session with a Mohonk Preserve Educator at the start of the two week program. They then conduct a research project on a local species and report their results to the Educator at the final live session. This program will use Zoom (or your school’s synchronous platform) and Edpuzzle to engage with students.

    Activities for Upper Elementary and Middle School include:
    • Collecting weather data at home
    • Creating a simple homemade anemometer and barometer
    • Researching how local species are impacted by climate change
    • Graphing and analyzing weather data
    • Carbon Sequestration Activity (for Middle School students)
    • Climate storytelling

    Additional Activities for High School Students:
    • Learning how water quality is impacted by climate change
    • Analyzing and graphing lake ice data
    • Researching water quality issues
    • Citizen action activities

Looking for in-person and on-land programs? Click here

Banner Photo by Connie DeDona; Hands-On Archaeology by Susan Lehrer; Creatures Alive! by Jay Diggs; Pond Keepers by Connie DeDona; Climate and Species Change by Christy Belardo