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Nature Nuggets

Week Six "Nature Nugget" Outdoor Activities:

Shadow Drawing  |  Sun Prints
Insect Survey  |  Natural Material Clay Impression Ornaments
Can You Build A Boat That Floats?


Shadow Drawing with Kim Tischler  |  Nature Nugget  |  April 27th

Sun Prints with Christy Belardo  |  Nature Nugget  |  April 28th

Insect Survey with Lauren Borer  |  Nature Nugget  |  April 29th

Additional Resources:

Insect Orders
Insect Scavenger Hunt

Natural Material Clay Impression Ornaments with Christy Belardo |  Nature Nugget  |  April 30th

Can You Build A Boat That Floats? with Kim Tischler |  Nature Nugget  |  May 1st

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Banner Photo by Christy Belardo