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Climate Trackers

The Mohonk Lake Cooperative Weather Station has been recording daily weather observations faithfully since January 1, 1896. In terms of days, there is more than 43,800 days of observers personally recording weather as cooperative volunteers for the Natioanl Weather Service as a public service. In the 1970s, data collection expanded to include daily lake sampling and an on-going study of pH in rainfall. Celebrating its 120th year of weather collecting in 2016, the Mohonk Lake dataset is one of the most consistent continuous climate records available in North America. For more information on the history of the Mohonk Lake Cooperative Weather Station, view a History Packet

Climate Trackers Daily Observations Include

  • Daily Temperature (High, Low, and at Observation)
  • Precipitation
  • Sky Conditions
  • Wind Intensity
  • Rainfall pH
  • Snowfall, Snow on the Ground
  • Mohonk Lake Height
  • Mohonk Lake Temperatures (at surface, 20-ft, and 40-ft depths)
  • Mohonk Lake pH (at surface, 20-ft, and 40-ft depths)
  • Zooplankton ID and Sample Population Counts
  • Weather Station Datasheet
  • Mohonk Lake Sampling Datasheet

This site-specific record of climate and baseline ecological conditions is a valuable complement to the ongoing studies of Shawangunk flora and fauna,allowing researchers and land managers at the Preserve to understand the response of species to climate change.

For more information about the weather station, you can visit our Weather Data Page for the most recent month’s weather summary and annual summaries from recent years. Or explore the Weather Archive Page.

Volunteer as a Climate Tracker

  • Join a dynamic group of volunteers
  • All ages and experience levels are welcome
  • No prior science or research background required
  • Receive training and group learning opportunities and workshops
  • Spend time outdoors & all forms of weather
  • Hone skills in data collection, and increase knowledge of lake and weather science
  • Contribute data used by scientists at the National Weather Service
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the local impacts of climate change
  • Desired Commitment: Volunteers are asked to make a commitment of 4-shifts per month once trained. Data collection occurs daily between hours of 3-5pm.

For more information about the Climate Trackers please contact:
Natalie Feldsine
Research Collection Citizen Science Coordinator
(845) 255-0919 ext. 1271

Banner Photo by John Mizel