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No Smoking Policy

Mohonk Preserve prohibits smoking of any kind anywhere on Preserve property. This policy supports our commitment to the protection of all lands and wildlife in our care, and the safety and well-being of our visitors, as well as the quality of their personal experiences in nature.

The Shawangunk Ridge has many fire-adapted natural communities that can ignite quickly, and a discarded cigarette or stray ash can result in a wildfire. This smoking ban is in place for the benefit of the entire ridge, as wildfires do not recognize boundary lines.

In addition to the fire hazard smoking poses, we acknowledge that cigarettes contain harmful chemicals which, when discarded, can leach into soil and water or be ingested by wildlife.

Mohonk Preserve’s smoking ban will:

  • Reduce the risk of wildfires from cigarettes
  • Reduce littering
  • Reduce the impact of second-hand smoke
  • Reduce the spread of hazardous chemicals found in cigarette smoke, tobacco and filters
  • Promote a healthy, smoke-free environment

Messages about the smoking ban will be included in visitor and member publications, and on the Preserve website and social media sites. ‘No smoking’ signage will be prominently posted at all trailheads. 

Photo by Cornelia DeDona