As part of Mohonk Preserve’s commitment to sustainability, we have implemented the following sustainability practices for Rock The Ridge:

  1.  Paper waste reduction – Rock The Ridge is a cup-free event
  2.  100% online registration
  3.  80% non-paper communication
  4.  Use of recycled paper
  5.  80% signage reuse
  6.  Recyclable signage
  7.  Recycling bins
  8.  No single-use bottles
  9.  Environmental education
  10.  Promote participant environmental awareness
  11.  Composting for pre/post-event meals
  12.  Donate unused food
  13.  Reduce water waste
  14.  Encourage public and/or rideshare transportation
  15.  Dedicated environmental practices volunteers.

How you can help us be more sustainable:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint on event day by taking public transportation or sharing a ride.
  • Be sure to use recycling and composting bins
  • Consider volunteering for a shift with our Green Team during the event.
  • Use a reusable bottle on race day and refill it at our aid stations along the course.

Banner photo by Gerald Berliner