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How To Help

Become a Champion of Mohonk Preserve!

Join the Mohonk Preserve members, volunteers and supporters who are safeguarding the unique wildlife, flora and fauna on this land which has been designated “one of Earth’s last great places.” With your help, we are monitoring climate change and educating future generations about the importance of conservation. Look at all of the great things we’ve been able to accomplish thanks you:

  • 70 miles of carriage roads and foot trails maintained for visitors and members.
  • 1,400 known species of wildlife, 57 that are rare, endangered or imperiled
  • 8,500 acres of land protected and managed in and around the Shawangunk Ridge.
  • 17,000 observations to monitor the impacts of climate change on ridge ecosystems.
  • 13,100 children and adults provided with our award-winning outdoor programs.
  • 200,000 visitors provided with a safe, participatory experience in nature.

Every day, rain or shine, in every season you are making a difference on the ridge. We hope you’ll join us as a Champion of New York’s largest nonprofit nature preserve!

Photo: Banner Photo by Gerald Liddelow; Join / Renew by Nick Andruzzi; Volunteer by Stephen D. Stewart-Hill; Donate by Maryalice Citera