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Bob Babb Wednesday Walks

Bobb Babb Wednesday Walks will resume in April 2020


Bob Babb, a longtime Preserve member and volunteer, was the founder and original leader of the Wednesday Walk programs. During his many years of service to the Preserve, Bob acted as Director of Volunteers, worked as a trailhead assistant, and joined the volunteer photographers team. His legacy lives on in these programs and the people he touched.

  • Mohonk Preserve Bob Babb Wednesday Walks welcome adults of all ages and levels of ability aged 18 and above.
  • No reservations are required.
  • Hikes will start at 9:30am at the trailhead parking lot listed in the schedule and end between 12noon and 1pm.
  • Please be prepared with appropriate gear for the conditions and type of hike.
  • In case of inclement weather, call June Finer, Hike Coordinator, at 845-255-7247 between 7:30-8am.

Banner Photo by Kate Schoonmaker