Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve

Stop 7

The Trapps Mountain Hamlet Path Audio Tour:  Stop 7

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"Coxing Kill"

Here you can see the Coxing Kill flowing over conglomerate outcrops amid large boulders. The Coxing is a major stream flowing down from Lake Minnewaska two miles upstream from here. It flows out through the Trapps Hamlet and the Clove, where it can be seen along Clove Road and again at the Enderly Mill site. In Dutch, the word “kill” means river or stream; the word “clove” refers to a deep, mountain valley. The Coxing Kill was the chief source of water for the people in the area. About a mile downstream at Split Rock (Coxing Trailhead) was a water-powered sawmill, called the Enderly Mill, which produced many of the boards and beams used in the construction of the Trapps Mountain Hamlet houses.

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