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Mohonk Preserve

Stop 12

The Trapps Mountain Hamlet Path Audio Tour:  Stop 12

"Site of the Coddington House"

In 1874, George Coddington acquired land from a member of another old-time Trapps family, the Burgers, and built a house here. The depression in the ground is all that remains of the cellar of the house. As with most structures in the Trapps Mountain Hamlet, the upper, wooden portion of the house has long disappeared. Just beyond this house site lies U.S. Route 44/55, which was completed in 1930. Keep in mind that for most of the existence of the Trapps Mountain Hamlet, this highway was not here! The building of this road provided work for years for a number of Trapps men, but, ironically, its route destroyed many of the homesteads in the Trapps Mountain Hamlet.

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