For more information about the volunteer program or opportunities to get involved, contact the Associate Director of Volunteer Programs and Special Events at (845) 255-0919 ext. 1269.

View more detailed descriptions of volunteer job opportunities, along with any special requirements, in our Volunteer Job Opportunity Directory.

Backcountry Patrol
Want to get away from it all? Here’s your chance! Patrol on foot the remote areas of the Preserve to provide a visible Mohonk Preserve presence -- give information and directions to visitors, be alert to improper land use, and observe and report anything like fallen trees or road depressions. You’ll have a radio to use to keep in touch with Rangers, advising them of emergencies or other activities.

Bike Patrol
Many carriage roads are used by hikers, bikers, and horseback riders -- all at the same time! As a member of the Bike Patrol, you can promote responsible biking and help these diverse users respect the sharing of Preserve facilities. You’ll provide information to visitors, help with roadside repairs, and use radios to keep in contact with Rangers to report emergencies or other activities. Please fill out the Preserve's volunteer application form if this opportunity interests you, or for more information please visit the Gunks Mountain Biking Association website.

Cross Country Ski Patrol
Do you enjoy cross country skiing and getting outdoors in winter? Join the Cross Country Ski Patrol and help maintain some of the best skiing trails in the region. Responsibilities include performing a selected part of ranger duties on the land of the Preserve which do not receive regular or frequent patrols by the paid ranger staff. Patrol areas include the northern preserve lands of Spring Farm/Golf course and Cedar Drive, as well as the OSI Foothills, the Duck Pond area, Oakwood Drive, Over Cliff Road and Trapps Road. Volunteers must be proficient cross country skiers.

Attention all you Green Thumbers! You will care for the plants and land surrounding the Visitor Center. Working from a master landscape design, you’ll be able to adopt an area to watch over throughout the year -- prepare the soil, plant seeds and plants, weed, and irrigate as necessary. 

Hike Leader
Educate the public by leading walks, both on weekends or mid-week, which focus on some aspect of natural or human history of the Shawangunk Mountains. Or be a guide for recreational activities such as hikes or cross-country skiing.

Interpretive Guide
If you enjoy meeting people and answering their questions, become an Interpretive Guide. At the Visitor Center, you will greet our visitors and help them enjoy the Preserve by suggesting hikes, leading tours, and telling them the wonderful stories of the Van Leuven Cabin, the Enderly Homestead, and other unique historical sites.

Phenology Observer
Mohonk’s 120 years of climate records indicate that average annual temperatures are getting warmer. Help us understand the effects of climate change on native flora and fauna by monitoring seasonal plant stages, called phenophases, like bud burst, leaf emergence, flowering, fall color change, and fruit production. You will observe and document phenophases in select trees, shrubs, and spring ephemerals for a season or throughout the year and join a growing community of citizen scientists collecting phenology data worldwide. No prior research experience is necessary.

Climate Tracker
The Mohonk Lake Cooperative Weather Station has been recording daily weather observations faithfully since January 1, 1896. In terms of days, there is more than 43,800 days of observers personally recording weather as cooperative volunteers for the National Weather Service as a public service. Mohonk’s 120 years of climate records indicate that average annual temperatures are getting warmer. As a volunteer Climate Tracker, you take daily weather and lake samples at the Mohonk Mountain House. No prior research experience is necessary.

A picture can say it all—and help the Preserve promote the beauty and importance of the land. Take photos of scenic views, people, plants and animals, special events, and more for publications and exhibits. Meet and learn from other photographers.

Join our research team and learn to identify the plants that are a serious threat to our ecosystem. If you have a natural science background, the staff at the Daniel Smiley Research Center welcomes help with trail monitoring, bird observation, and weather data support. Also, those with administrative skills may assist with computer data entry of the daily weather records and observation recordings. (Weekdays only.)

Special Activities
Roll up your sleeves and meet our visitors and supporters as you help organize and assist with Preserve events such as our annual Auction, Pfalz Point trail race, and more. Other activities include distributing Preserve publications, and other special projects that arise throughout the year.

Trail Keeper
Enjoy a walk in the woods while you help the Preserve! You’ll be assigned your own trail to maintain -- keep it clipped and brushed, paint trail blazes, and report downed trees or other problems that require chain sawing or special equipment. You’ll also have a chance to get together with fellow trailkeepers on projects that are more than a one-person job.

Visitor Center
Meet and greet our visitors at the Visitor Center on weekdays, weekends, or holidays year-round -- choose the time that suits you best! Help them to explore the building and exhibits, suggest a great hike, and encourage them to walk gently on the land. Also, sell memberships and day passes, help in the nature shop, answer the phone, and assist in administrative or clerical duties.

Volunteer Educator
Lead youngsters back in time to a Native American encampment. Help them discover our streams, cliffs, forests, ponds, and the animals and creatures that live there. Assist Preserve Educators with outdoor school programs. It's a great way to help kids get up close and personal with nature! (Weekdays only.)