Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve

Rock The Ridge 2014 Recap and Results


                      ROCK THE RIDGE  May 2, 2015

Get the 2014 Rock The Ridge race results and check out the photos taken by the Preserve's volunteer photographers!

The 2014 challenge saw 36 of our 2013 Ridge Rockers return to the Gunks for another great day at Mohonk Preserve. Among the returnees were Dan Winfield and Norman Goluskin, two relay runners from 2013 who opted to go the full 50 in 2014.Also returning were Megan King, Cheryl Steiner and Lisa Gizzarelli, all three of whom had not reached the finish line in 2013 but successfully took care of their unfinished business in 2014!

Overall female champion Nancy Dritz-Levene not only ran the race in 8:22:57, but set a Masters record in the process. On the men's side, 2013 champion Ben Nephew returned to win again, smashing last year's wining time and setting a new course record of 5:58:29. Also among the 50-mile finishers was 68-year-old Cathy Troisi of Cohoes, NY, a highly accomplished endurance runner who completed the course in a time of 19:58:17.

If there was an overriding theme to the 2014 edition of Rock The Ridge, it was camaraderie. Dozens of new friendships were spawned on the ridge this year, which should make for a great many joyful reunions in next year's race. We look forward to seeing old friends and making lots of new ones in 2015!




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