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Mohonk Preserve

Managing invasive species key to our survival

Monday, July 7, 2014

By Chris Standley, Mohonk Preserve Applied Conservation Coordinator. Poughkeepsie Journal.

Invasive species have garnered a lot of media attention, and it's no surprise when you consider examples such as the infamous emerald ash borer, accountable for nearly 100 percent ash mortality within infested stands; hemlock wooly adelgid, which is sucking the life from large tracts of hemlock stands in the Northeast; and Japanese stiltgrass, which carpets the forest understory depriving native plants the light they need to survive.

As a wildlife ecologist, I appreciate the utility of this coverage. It informs people about invasives that are having large effects on our ecosystems, but I think we need to start looking at this issue with a broader perspective and deeper understanding to reduce the rate of future introductions. The continued crash-course model of discovering and managing invaders post-arrival has frightening implications for the long-term viability of our ecosystems, which is the basis of our survival.  See full article online or view as a PDF.