Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve

Gardiner Library now loans out Mohonk Preserve day passes

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Paltz Times.

Libraries are amazing places. Where else can you walk in and select an armload of books and magazines, audiobooks, CDs of music and DVDs of movies to enjoy on loan at no charge for weeks at a time, and all by simply signing up for a free library card? Try that anywhere else and see how far you get. (If it were a new idea, we'd think that it was radical and debate whether it would even work.)

Now the Gardiner Library is offering a new service that makes having a library card even more valuable. With it, along with those stacks of reading material and media, one can check out a day pass to the Mohonk Preserve in Gardiner: a $12-to-$17 value (a day pass at the Preserve costs $12 for hiking privileges and $17 with biking and climbing included).  See full article.