Mohonk Preserve

Mohonk Preserve

Accessibility Services for Visitors

Mohonk Preserve’s NatureAccess® program promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in outdoor programming. Working in partnership with individuals, parents, teachers, physical therapists, social workers, psychologists, medical staff, and independent living centers, we strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy and learn in the outdoors.

How does it work? In advance of a visit to the Preserve, an individual or a teacher bringing a class may contact our Director of Education, Kathy Ambrosini, at Many programs are universally designed, but our varied terrain and changing seasonal conditions should be a consideration in planning your visit. Staff with expertise in inclusion, special education, and outdoor education work to accomodate a wide diversity of abilities and learning styles. Accessibility consultations at the Mohonk Preserve are available for:

  • Field studies for school classes
  • Summer camps
  • Public programs
  • Outreach programs
  • Self-guided group visits

Accessibility Resources

We offer accessibility trainings for outdoor professionals at parks, nature centers, and governmental organizations, which are tailored to the needs of each organization and may be combined with Accessibility Assessments of facilities and outdoor sites. Find out more with our training workshops flier.
Making Outdoor Programs Accessible is a 62-page, soft-cover “how to” manual that provides strategies from the NatureAccess program and the tools needed to create programs to include diverse audiences. Check out an excerpt from the program manual and order a copy.

The NatureAccess program has become a model for training professionals at parks, nature centers, and governmental agencies nationwide. In 1996, Mohonk Preserve received the Statewide Accessibility Award from the Association of Independent Living Centers of New York State. In 2006, the Preserve’s Director of Education, Kathy Ambrosini, was recognized with the Beyond the Letter of the Law Award from the Resource Center for Accessible Living for her leadership in pioneering the NatureAccess program, and was named 2010 Inclusivity Hero by the New York State Inclusive Recreation Resource Center.